Our Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

Innovative Provider of the Legal Services

Legal services and the legal market in Japan are changing. These changes are part of fundamental changes in our society, including corporate and business activities, personal values and relationships with the government. Historically, the Japanese legal market has largely been shielded from change by the barriers of the Japanese language and governmental restrictions. However, these barriers are not as strong as they once were.

One cause of change has been the recent Legal System Reform. To remain an innovative provider of legal services, our philosophy is to develop core businesses to stay at the forefront of the changing market.

Our Vision

Innovation by Redefinition of the Legal Market

In the current Japanese legal market, there are strong demands from legal service users to integrate legal services with other non-legal services and technologies (for example, information technology and finance technology). These demands come from the effect of globalization and advances in technology employed by businesses and public sector.

By redefining the existing Japanese legal market and legal services though the opportunities presented by globalization and advancements in information technology we aim to providenew business opportunities in the Japanese legal market.

Our Approach

Integration with Non-Legal Services

Since we launched Jurinavi in 2008, we have collected and accumulated data about the Japanese legal market and legal education system which gives us a unique position in the legal service market in Japan. This data tells us that there will be new entrants from traditionally non-legal service providers , a loosening of the monopoly and additional value created through the integration of non-legal services. We believe there will soon be a paradigm shift in the legal market. This paradigm shift will give us an opportunity to play a roll in the future of the Japanese legal market.

Three Main Stakeholders of Our Business

Legal Service Users  / Legal Service Providers / 供給サイドの育成(法科大学院/大学法学部/海外ロースクール)

  • Legal Service Users

    Corporations, In-house counsel
    NPO, Governmental Institutions

  • Legal Service Providers

    Law Firms
    Individual Attorneys
    Bar Associations

  • Legal Education Sectors, Law School Students and Graduates Pre-Law Students

    Law School Students and Graduates
    Law Schools, Pre-Law Students, Undergraduate Colleges and Universities