For Law Schools

Career Services through Jurinavi

History of Our Relationship with Law Schools and the Japan Association of Law Schools. At the request of a group of 13 law schools led by Meiji University and with a grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2006, we developed a website for career support and expansion of legal job opportunities for law school students and graduates, known as “Jurinavi” in Japan. More than 90% of law schools in Japan have become members of Jurinavi since its establishment. Given the nature of Jurinavi’s activities, these activities are also coordinated with the activities of the Japan Association of Law Schools.

In 2006, there were no career services for law school students at most law schools in Japan. The legal job market for entry-level employment was not well developed and many law school graduates were frustrated when looking for jobs. Our goal is to resolve the structural issues that caused graduate frustration with Jurinavi.

As a “social enterprise,” Jurinavi continues to provide law school students and graduates nationwide with career advice on our website platform and promote new employment opportunities, especially in businesses and the public sector.

Development of Jurinavi’s Activities

Since the launch of the Jurinavi website in 2008, we have continued to provide career services for Japanese law school students and graduates nationwide and to work with member law schools (which represent more than 90% of the Japanese law schools) and the Japan Law School Association in developing job opportunities for them. As of 2016, the number of registered users of Jurinavi exceeded 18,000, which includes more than 6,000 admitted attorneys. At present, we get 60,000 page views each month. Partly as a result of Jurinavi’s significant efforts in developing entry-level employment opportunities in business and the public sector, the number of in-house counsel in Japan has increased almost 15 times in size since the inception of Jurinavi.

There is no equivalent organization to Jurinavi in Japan.

For Pre-Law Students and Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Jurinavi is also used by pre-law students at undergraduate colleges and universities. Jurinavi’s provides students with information about law schools and future legal careers.

Since most law schools have pre-law students at their affiliated colleges and universities, we are requested by member law schools to reach out to the pre-law students through Jurinavi to recruit top talent.

Outsourcing of Career Services for Law Schools

At the request of and on behalf of law schools, we hold on-campus career planning seminars and on-campus career consulting services specifically tailored for their students and graduates. Unlike major U.S. law schools, staff at these law schools and universities are not always experienced in legal career consulting and they might not have the latest employment data and legal job market information.