For Law Firms, Corporations and Public Sectors

We provide law firms and corporations with the legal placement, legal job listing, job forum and recruiting services by providing access to our experienced consultants and our website.

Legal Job Media Services

We list legal jobs for law firms, corporations and the public sector on our website”Jurinavi.” Law firms, corporations and the public sector organizations are able to announce their recruiting session schedules on the website.

Jurinavi has a distinctive website structure, a large number of registered users, market recognition, published information and its relationship with law schools.

Three Major Distinctive Points of Our Media Services

  • (Point1)

    We assist all areas of the legal market including law school students and graduates, experienced attorneys and in-house counsel through Jurinavi and Jurinavi Career.

  • (Point2)

    Jurinavi and Jurinavi Career can selectively target candidates.

  • (Point3)

    We speak directly to law school students and graduates through Jurinavi and the Jurinavi Career e-mail magazine.

Legal Placement Services

For Entry-Level Employment: We have a large number of law school student and graduate candidates as registered members of Jurinavi. They become Jurinavi members through the administration office of their law schools. Depending on clients’ needs, our experienced consultants will recommend and introduce the most appropriate and capable candidate.

For Lateral Hire of Experienced Attorneys and In-House Counsel: We have a group of qualified experienced attorneys and in-house counsel, including foreign qualified attorneys, with various backgrounds, expertise, skills and foreign language capabilities. After working with clients to determine their needs, we identify and recommend qualified candidates and also provide advice on local employment practices and customs.

Recruiting Process Outsourcing Services

In Japan there remains obsolete customs and practices which impede the effective and efficient hiring of capable attorneys, law school students and graduates by law firms and businesses.

Our response to this problem is to offer legal employment support services for law firms and businesses by our experienced consultants. Our volume of data and statistics relating to the legal market allows us to work with clients to make their legal employment processes efficient, effective and informed.