• Innovative Provider of Legal Market Resources - Our personal and professional lives, the economy, government and business activities are changing at a faster pace than ever before.  And the legal market is changing too.  We at Juristix Inc. are about providing innovative products and services for this changing legal market.
  • We Provide Legal Recruiting Media, Legal Placement and Legal Recruiting, Process Outsourcing Services - We provide these services, in cooperation with law schools and the Japan Association of Law Schools, though our 笛urinavi・website (for law school students and graduates) and our 笛urinavi Career・website (for entry-level and experienced attorneys). We offer legal placement services and consulting services to law firms and corporations who are recruiting experienced Japan-based attorneys and foreign qualified attorneys.
  • The Problem With Legal Market Information - The Legal System Reform in 1999 brought substantial changes to the Japanese legal market. But limited information is available about those changes, creating inefficiencies in the market and especially recruiting and job placement. Our platform provides key data so that law firms, businesses and legal service organization can make informed hiring and recruiting decisions. Our information is objective and covers law firms, in-house legal departments and legal service organizations. We are committed to making our legal market transparent and efficient and making it easier for lawyers to find the appropriate positions and employers to find the appropriate lawyer.

Our Service

For Law Schools

We established “Jurinavi” in 2008 with participation of over 90% of the law schools in Japan and a grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Jurinavi is a social enterprise project. We have assisted law school students and graduates with their legal careers and created new employment opportunities within in-house legal departments of corporations and public sector organizations. Few legal professionals had previously been employed in these roles in Japan.

For Law Firms, Corporations and Public Sector Organizations

Recently, in-house legal departments of corporations and the public sector in Japan have been actively hiring. We assist law firms, and increasingly, corporations and the public sector to recruit and hire law school students, graduates, experienced attorneys and in-house counsel by providing media, legal placement, and recruiting and consulting support. You may not realize this but the number of in-house counsel in Japan has increased almost 15 times in size since the inception of Jurinavi.

For Individual Law Schools Students, Graduates and Experienced Attorneys

Jurinavi is our entry-level platform and Jurinavi Career is our platform for experienced attorneys. We also offer in-person consulting.

Survey and Analysis

Since 2012, we have conducted an annual survey of entry-level legal employment with the cooperation of all law schools and the Japan Association of Law Schools. We also conduct a survey of hiring by law firms and corporations of newly-admitted attorneys, and the number of attorneys of all law firms in Japan each year. We make these surveys publicly available.

In 2016, at the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, we conducted a nation-wide survey of employment of all law school graduates since 2004, making the results available through the Ministry of Culture and Science in May 2016.